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Changing Dates for Future ISSWs



Like so many other things in our world ISSW is adjusting to the current Pandemic. This has required shifting the timing of future workshops.

ISSW 2020 in Fernie, British Columbia has been postponed until October 3-8, 2021 (more info at ). However, Steve Kuijt, chair of ISSW 2020, and his local organizing committee, have made a quick change and are offering a interim Virtual ISSW (called VSSW) which will be available online Oct 4th - 6th, 2020!

ISSW has been considering adding a virtual component to the Workshops in the future, but ISSW 2020 is giving the concept a full-on test. There will be 14 invited speakers, representing different nations and disciplines in the avalanche community and two panel discussions. The good news is that Registration before September 28th will only be $30! More information is available at

ISSW 2022 in Bend, Oregon has been postponed until October 8-13, 2023 and will be renamed ISSW 2023. The ISSW Steering Committee decided to keep ISSW 2024 in 2024. A decision on the Host site for ISSW 2024, the next European ISSW will be made by early this fall. ISSW 2026 will be a Canadian ISSW. If you are interested in more information on applying to host ISSW please email

Additionally, the ISSW Steering Committee website ( ) has been is undergoing an update allowing us to provide more news and information on ISSW. The ISSW Steering Committee Facebook page is also online ( ).

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