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ISSW 1992: October 4-8, Breckenridge, Colorado

1992 Proceedings (Papers now hosted on-line at Montana State University)

Chair: Knox Williams
357 participants ; 36 papers; 10 countries


Among the wide ranging topics presented were the friction of snow on skis, snow management in ski areas, the Gaz-ex avalanche control system, experience with rutschblock tests, multi-frequency avalanche rescue beacons, traffic management for avalanche safety, and avalanche education in Japan.

14 posters and 11 commercial exhibits were presented. The tradition of a video and slide night was held for everyone to bring things of interest to show. The 10th Anniversary of the Avalanche Review was also celebrated.

Ed LaChapelle was the banquet speaker. The field trip to Breckenridge Ski Area was cancelled due to a snow storm.

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