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ISSW 2006: October 1 - 6, 2006 
Telluride, CO


2006 Proceedings (Papers now hosted on-line at Montana State University)

Also, there is a link for the videos of the talks for ISSW 2006 located here.

2006 Web Site

Co-chairs: Craig Sterbenz & Nicole Greene.
774 participants; 64 papers; 15 countries

Sessions were simulcast from the main Conference Center to a ballroom and over the local cable channel.

Poster sessions were held every afternoon.

About 81 posters were presented on a rotating basis during 4 afternoons. The attendees traveled from the meeting in the Mountain Village to Telluride in gondolas.

Presentations covered, among other topics, increasingly accurate models of the snowpack structure and evolution and the consequent effects on snow strength and stability. Sophisticated avalanche education methods were shown. Reports also covered avalanche rescue and transceivers, mitigation and forecasting.

A special session was held on the snow and avalanche history of the San Juan Mountains. Field trips were offered to Telluride Ski Area, Pandora Mill, Red Mountain Pass, and Ophir. Ed LaChapelle was the speaker at the banquet - emceed by Mark Moore.

A special 'Ladies Night' Celebration was held to honor all of the contributions women to the field. Ed LaChapelle was the guest speaker.

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