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ISSW 1996: October 6 - 11, Banff, Alberta

1996Proceedings (Papers now hosted on-line at Montana State University)
1996 Web Site

Chair: Bruce Jamieson
478 participants; 40 papers; 14 countries


ISSW returned to Banff after 20 years. Ten session topics were presented including instruments and methods for measurement of snow and avalanche properties, avalanche dynamics and defense, snow cover stability, avalanche initiation, and forecasting, and a session on case histories.

30 posters were presented in a special format. Each presenter gave a 3 minute summary of their poster followed by a dedicated poster session to encourage discussions. There were 13 commercial exhibitors.

The field trip was to Revelstoke. Jim Haberl spoke about his ascent of K2 for the banquet, which was attended by 320 people.

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