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ISSW 2004 : September 19 - 24, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

2004 Proceedings (Papers now hosted on-line at Montana State University)
2004 Web Site

Chair: Rod Newcomb
736 participants; 55 papers; 14 countries


The growth of ISSW continued in 2004 with well over 700 registered attendees who were easily accommodated by the Walk Festival Hall. A 25 foot projection screen with a bright projector made presentations easily viewed.

The Organizing committee was very successful in obtaining major sponsorships to support the Workshop. 68 posters were presented in a dedicated afternoon session with refreshments. Oral and poster presentations covered the range of Theory and Practice. Papers ranged from the use of radar to measure snowpack properties, to search and rescue, to using direct human observations to interpolate between instrumented weather sites.

A highlight presentation was given by High School Student, Erica David, who presented original research on snow fences using a home made wind tunnel and dishwashing powder.

A midweek field trip was offered to view avalanche problems and solutions on Teton Pass or with the Jackson Hole Ski Area. The keynote speaker for the Banquet was Grand Teton Climbing Ranger Renny Jackson. 35 commercial exhibitors attended the meeting. The proceedings were disseminated on CD and in a bound version.

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