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                                 ISSW 2023: Oct 8-13, 2023 





















We are excited to announce the abstract submission portal will be live on January 16th and will be open until April 16th. We encourage you to submit an abstract showcasing your awesome work under one or more of the following themes:
1.    Avalanche Education
2.    Avalanche Forecasting
3.    Avalanche Formation, Failure, and Dynamics
4.    Avalanche Incidents and Case Studies
5.    Avalanche Operations and Program Management
6.    Avalanche Rescue and Operational Stress Management
7.    Climate Change, Snow Hydrology, and Sustainability
8.    Decision-making
9.    Instrumentation and Remote Sensing
10.    Planning and Engineering
11.    Risk Communication
12.    Snow and Snowpack Properties


The Science Team, including Erich Peitzsch, Simon Trautman, HP Parker and Scott Savage, is excited to hear from you!


In need of additional support or have more specific questions? Email Zoë at today!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year in Bend, OR! Have a safe season out there.
Kevin Grove & Zoë Roy
ISSW 2023 Co-Chairs

ISSW 2023 will be hosted by the beautiful Riverhouse on the Deschutes.








For more information about traveling to and through Bend, Oregon, learn more here.

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