ISSW 1998: September 27 - October 1
Sunriver, Oregon

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Mark Moore; Chair
500+ participants; 61 papers; 12 countries

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Several groups used ISSW as a meeting place.

The Canadian Avalanche Association, the American Avalanche Association, the Avalanche Artillery Users of North America, and the National Avalanche School Instructors all met.

The large number of papers was accommodated by shorter presentations with a summary discussion at the end of the session topic. Topics included specialized sessions in mountain weather and climate, regional avalanche forecasting, legal liability, the effects of warming rain, and snow stability testing. Following the example of Banff, an afternoon was dedicated to 25 posters. To encourage attendance, snacks were served with a no host bar.

A drawing was held for door prizes at the start of each session to encourage attendees to be in their seats when the session began. 15 commercial exhibitors were present.

Banquet speakers were Ed LaChapelle and Norm Wilson. After the meetings a field trip to Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood was held, and a golf tournament was offered as an alternative.

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